Commercial Restaurant refrigeration Brisbane

Case study:;

We have a client with a Thai restaurant that he was combining with his takeaway business. We were called in to give him advice on the best way to install a commercial refrigeration in his Brisbane shop.

We were able to integrate new and old refrigeration systems to ensure he saved as much money as he could by using the equipment he had. We upgraded the controls and components where practical to give him energy savings.

We have built a strong relationship with this client to the point where we just do the work and issue a bill and he pays it with confidence knowing that it will be fair and the work listed was actually done.

We had some issues with the freezer unit that was relocated but were able to quickly resolve them and replace all the heater cables to ensure he would get another ten good years from it.

At Stratus Air we will work with you to give you the best possible outcome. We are not your standard electrician who installs air conditioners and fridges. We are specialist refrigeration technicians who understand the refridgeration compression cycle and that way can troublshoot, combine and repair.