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Welcome to Stratus Air!

Why Choose Us?

Our commercial refrigeration repair and installation services have developed a strong reputation in the installation, repairs as well as maintenance of commercial refrigeration in the North Side of Brisbane.

We have built our reputation on meeting the needs of small and large enterprises in the region within any type of cold storage, chemical, food manufacturing, and distribution industries.

With a dedication to professionalism, compliance and safety, our commercial refrigeration repair and installation services are a great fit for enterprises that need a high-performing partner in installing and repairing refrigeration systems.

We understand that you have a few major concerns when deciding who to select to design, install, maintain, and repair your commercial refrigeration systems.

Concerns such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable design
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Servicing expertise
  • Response time

We know how frustrating and costly repeated refrigeration system failures, breakdowns and service problems are to an enterprise that relies on refrigeration.  

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What Sets Us Apart?

We have created extraordinary commercial refrigeration repair and installation solutions that have helped us address the abovementioned concerns for our clients.

This way, we have been able to provide surety and confidence in our system design, installation, repair, and general maintenance.

Our 24-hour breakdown service, on-point design, install quality and ongoing reliability of our systems and service is what sets us apart from other vendors.

We remain fully invested during and after our commercial refrigeration repair and installation.

For these reasons, our existing clients continue to believe in us and they usually refer our repair and installation services. Our passion for commercial refrigeration gives your business peace of mind.  

Our critical spare parts supply, quality equipment selection, and 24-hour breakdown assistance, and detailed maintenance programs are all important features that differentiate us.

The unique culture of personal investment and main purpose of Stratus Air is to provide a service experience that we would like to receive ourselves.


Types of Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Installation

There are several types of refrigeration systems we install and repair in the North Side of Brisbane. They include the following:


Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Achieve more with less operational cost with walk-in coolers and freezers.

Walk-ins are the best when you have a large quantity of perishable food stuffs that need sufficient space for easy accessibility and precise temperature control. 

The walk-ins we help you install come complete with all the important components and accessories pre-assembled.

The commercial walk-in coolers and freezers come in full range of configurations with endless options for size, colour, finish and accessories.


Ice Machines & Commercial Ice Makers

Once you have determined that you need a commercial ice maker and ice machine for your business, our technicians will help you choose as well as install the most reliable systems.

One of the things that we will do for free is the survey of your business premises. This way, we can determine the correct power supply for your installation.


Display Merchandisers

Display merchandiser refrigeration will transform your food retailing business in Brisbane North. The systems we install for you are the best in the industry.

Stratus Air works with Brisbane retailers to develop merchandising solutions that will entice customers to profitable areas.


Server Rooms

Choosing the appropriate cooling system for your datacentre or server room is an important decision that Stratus Air can help you with.

Installing the ideal cooling system ensures the following:

  • Lower operating cost
  • Effective temperature control
  • Controlled server room humidity
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased resilience


Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Our commercial refrigeration repair is a service you can depend on when your refrigeration system malfunctions.

Stratus Air is well-equipped to deliver repairs whenever you need them in the North Side of Brisbane.

The most popular commercial refrigeration issues that would need our attention include:

  • Clogged or frozen defrost drain
  • Damaged water inlet valve
  • Faulty water tank assembly
  • Misaligned water filter
  • Damaged water filter housing
  • Refrigerator stopped running
  • Refrigerator is not cooling properly
  • Strange noise from the refrigeration system


Stratus Air makes fixing things easy with lots of replacement parts available on our website and the repair services you need to restore proper functioning.

You might be hesitant about our Brisbane commercial refrigeration repair and installation probably because some conventional vendor did a poor job for you.

If that is the case, then here are the great reasons that should prompt you to hire Stratus Air:

  • Qualified experts
  • Fast response to a call
  • Warrantied parts and workmanship
  • Uniformed, courteous professionals
  • Upfront and competitive pricing
  • Special offers
  • Service on your schedule
  • A neighbourly company you can trust


In Summary

Another bonus of partnering with Stratus Air is that customers are given a priority repairs service.

In case of severe breakdowns, we will immediately dispatch our technicians to come and survey the problem as we come up with a solution that is effective, reliable and long-lasting.  

Do you need expert commercial refrigeration repair and installation in Brisbane North? We are a phone call away!