We have a good variety of clients with a broad spectrum of systems ranging from basic split systems in the offices to full BMS controlled chiller plants. this exposure to all different commecial air conditioning systems in Bisbane, keeps us informed and experienced in all fields of air conditioning repairs.

We have partnered with other companies to provide specialised expertise for one of their clients with an old carrier chiller.

This particular system had not maintained due to the previous contractor getting out of business. Our partner wants to provide a complete service and has called us in the maintain it. We were able to quickly locate 14 leaks on stage one and 27 leaks on stage two of the chiller.

With our specific tools and equipment we were able to replace faulty parts and keep the unit running while doing so as to have no down time for the end user and to keep the costs down to a minimum by not needing to do work after hours.This was a positive result for our partners and for their client.