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Why You Need Our Air Conditioning Repair Brisbane Services

You cannot entirely avoid breakdowns when you have an air conditioning system in your home or business. No one knows this better than Stratus Air.

Losing normal operation of your HVAC system can be catastrophic, especially in the summer when everything heats up.

Stratus Air technicians are available 24/7 in the event that you experience the following:


Dirty Filter

Dirty air filters are normally the result of lack of maintenance. The implications of dirty air filters are poor house comfort, premature failure of air conditioning and heating components.

Other serious implications may include dirt in the ducts and throughout the house/premises. All these can result in high energy costs.


Dirty Fan

An air handler that is clogged with dust will most likely be unbalanced and will be subjected to overheating.

The most common cause of a dirty fan is a dirty air filter, missing air filter, or running the AC system with the fan compartment cover removed.


Sensor Malfunction

Your air conditioning system relies heavily on sensor input (thermistor) to allow for correct operation.

If an input is compromised in any way, there will be a significant reduction in air conditioning functionality.

There are a few types of thermistors and not all of them are the same. For example, a wall-mounted AC has an air thermistor and a coil thermistor.

Our air conditioning repair Brisbane service will help detect a faulty thermistor and replace it with a new one.

Leaking Refrigerant

All air conditioning systems leak refrigerant over time, and a system will eventually become depleted of refrigerant.

If refrigerant losses are excess, then our technicians will locate and repair the refrigerant leak. The leak can occur anywhere throughout the system.

Poor Air Flow

The average air conditioning system will lose about one percent efficiency per week because of decreasing air flow due to dirt on the filter.

Poor air flow in central cooling may be due to restricted flow of air in the duct work. This is normally caused by accumulation of dirt or debris.

Drainage Problems

One of the most serious issues with air conditioning casings is the proper drainage of the cold condensate off the cooling coils.

Our experts will find exactly where the problem is and carry out the necessary repairs. It does not matter whether you have a displaced or cracked tray beneath the evaporator coil.

Unusual Noises

Air conditioning systems do normally generate a specific type of noise that you get used to. However, there comes a time when the type and level of noise changes.

We can verify the need for service or repair of your HVAC systems based on unusual operating noises, such as chattering, squealing or grinding sounds.

No Cooling

If there is no cooling, then your air conditioning system is experiencing serious issues. The most probable causes are usually low refrigerant levels or a faulty thermistor.

This calls for our air conditioning repair Brisbane services.

Ageing or Outdated Air Conditioning Technology 

We have been in the industry for a long time, and you should believe us when we tell you air conditioning technology changes on annual basis.

An ageing or outdated air conditioning system will most certainly present significant problems. Our experienced engineers will help you find a better replacement at a reasonable cost.


What Can Our Technicians Do?

There is a lot that our highly skilled technicians can do when you report any of the aforementioned air conditioning problems.

In our efforts to come up with a lasting air conditioning repair Brisbane plan, we usually conduct a thorough fault-finding survey.

Your AC system can suffer a sudden mechanical breakdown or a slow deterioration of performance. Either way, our objective when we are onsite is to find the root of the problem.

Normally, our fault-finding process involves several steps. This helps us to rule out any parts of the system that are still functioning properly.

The steps include but are not limited to:

  • Detection of abnormal operation
  • Knowledge of the AC system to track down the problem
  • Observation of the exact operating conditions
  • Identification of the faulty part/parts
  • What should be done
  • What repairs need to be done
  • Conduct a test to confirm that the system has resume normal operation

Contrary to popular beliefs that fault analysis can be a slow process, Stratus Air engineers are well-equipped to conduct the process within the agreed upon time.

We never give an estimate of the problem, but a detailed analysis that outlines all the possible affected parts and what should be done to restore normal operation.


Get the best air conditioning repair Brisbane services. We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs in the North Side of Brisbane. Don’t hesitate to call us!