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Stratus Air Brisbane: about us

Providing Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services in Brisbane

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Welcome to Stratus Air. We are a family owned and operated business on the north side of Brisbane. Our goal is to partner with you to build a long-lasting relationship that delivers cost effective, reliable and consistent, solutions to your air-conditioning and refrigeration needs. Our team are competent, experienced and passionate about the trade. We have extensive knowledge and experience with a wide variety of brands and products and pride ourselves on getting to the bottom of the issue.

How can we help you?

Supply and installation of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. We can source and fit a wide variety of air-conditioning systems from small bedroom split systems to large VRF or chilled water installations. We can do your refrigeration installations from small cake displays to large cold and freezer room installations Service and breakdowns.

How We Work

At Stratus Air, we completely understand that up-to-date technological systems are crucial to the delivery of effective and reliable services on the North Side of Brisbane. The use of real-time data allows us to follow-up the progress on job completion of each of our technicians while setting strategic key performance indicators.


First Impressions

We have impeccable first impression, which begins with our technicians arriving in time. Our objective is to ensure that we do not waste your valuable time.

If our technician is going to be delayed, we will call you and give an explanation. Then, we will schedule an appointment for either later that day or another time that’s convenient to you.

We always ensure that any customer that is affected by a delay gets the first priority in scheduling a makeup appointment.



We pride ourselves as the best in describing the services that we can provide onsite without monopolizing the conversation.

A big part of our communication is listening. We will carefully listen to all that you have to say about the problems involved with your system.

Show of respect and courtesy for our clients are evident at all times. The high skill level of our technicians is also evident.



We try as much as possible to avoid conflicts and arguments with our clients. It is our mission to ensure that you feel assured the work will be done properly and in a timely manner.

Our technicians are never critical of any client – even in a joking manner. We understand that not everyone is fond of criticism. It is very important to us to be friendly. 

The effort at Stratus Air has always been to service a call in the shortest duration possible. The appointments we get are a testimony to our great services.