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Refrigeration and air conditioning repairs and installation in Brisbane. Air purification specialists.

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Welcome to Stratus Air!
Stratus Air Brisbane

Stratus Air are specialists in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Keeping air conditioning and refrigeration working is important to the North Side of Brisbane. Our team comprises of well-trained HVAC installers and technicians, providing unparalleled services to dozens of businesses and homes in Brisbane North.


Why Should You Choose Us?

At Stratus Air we believe that you deserve the most efficient and comfortable system imaginable.

Utilizing uncompromising technology and innovation, we are able to deliver exceptional air conditioning and refrigeration services.

Stratus Air: We pride ourselves to be the best !

Fast Response to a Call

We will never keep you waiting beyond the agreed upon time. Our technicians are the best in the region as far as timely arrivals are concerned.

In case of a delay due to unavoidable circumstances, we will reach out and explain to you in detail why our technicians are running late.

We will schedule an appointment for either later that day or another day that is suitable to you. We will give you first priority when scheduling a makeup appointment.


Straightforward Pricing

At Stratus Air, we communicate the value of our services and not the price. We know that what really matters is the service you get in exchange for your money, not the money itself.

You will not come across unforeseen surprises. What will be agreed upon during your appointment with us is what you will pay.

In case of any unexpected technicalities that may lead to additional work, you will be informed in advance before any extra work is undertaken.


Great Customer Support

Good customer support is important to us. Without you, our esteemed clients, there will be no business and no income for us.

All of us at Stratus Air believe in the following:

  • Ethical with exceptional moral values
  • Persuasive and capable of convincing our customers that they are worth having
  • Empathetic and patient to our customers
  • Owning our customer experience using our company’s values
  • Understand the importance of developing a strong connection with our clients
  • Identifying pitfalls that may lead to conflicts/disagreements with our customers

Stratus Air: Our Services

Stratus Air: Refrigeration Installation & Repair

Your business depends entirely on refrigeration that works effectively and efficiently. That is why Stratus Air Brisbane provides exceptional refrigeration installation and repair.

We install and repair many makes and models of refrigeration equipment. Our knowledge base is well-diversified across different brands in the region, which makes us you ideal choice.


Refrigeration Installation

Our installation services are made-to-order and always start with an initial survey, which is free.

The survey provides our experts with all the factors to consider when devising a system that meets your requirements.

Our technicians specialize in developing controlled cooling in refurbished premises, new buildings and existing premises.

We are proud to deliver market-leading refrigeration installation services in the North Side of Brisbane, including blast freezers, walk-in freezers, and cold stores to mention a few.

No project is ever too big for us to handle, including refrigeration installation in:

  • Butchers
  • Fresh fish suppliers
  • Catering suppliers
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Wholesalers


Refrigeration Repair

Stratus Air refrigeration repair services are available whenever you need them. We not only respond quickly to calls, but we are swift in setting up appointments and getting the job done.

Our service team is exceptional at mobilising field-based technicians at any time of day or night with respect to the urgency of your call / request.

All our operators are equipped with a well-stocked van that can be up and running in a matter of seconds in response to a customer request.


Stratus Air: Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

Air Conditioning Installation

Whether a retail setting or an office, we can provide top-of-the-line air conditioning installation solutions at a very reasonable price range.

We have many options for commercial settings, including floor stands, concealed ceiling, and wall-mounted to mention a few.

Our engineers are responsible for initial site survey, system design, and equipment selection.

The general size of the projects we do can range from an office size to full VRV or VRF installations with multiple flows.

Once you make an inquiry with us, we are able to provide outline costs for the project and the general scope.

We are able to supply equipment from various manufacturers, which allows us to select the right product from approved range of air conditioning products.

The benefits of using different manufacturers are extendable warranties and some are more energy efficient than others.

Some of the features that make our air conditioning installation special in Brisbane North are:

Expert System Designs:

  • We match our air conditioning systems to the specific requirements of your sites
  • We take into account energy efficiency, area to be cooled/heated and peak usage

Fully Managed Project:

  • Once we have started an installation project, we manage it to the very end, including handover
  • In most cases, we may liaise with the planning department, building control, or landlord in order to get all the necessary permissions


Air Conditioning Repair

One thing that’s for sure when dealing with air conditioning systems is that they are not immune to breakdowns.

At one time, you might experience the following problems with your unit:

  • Leaking water
  • Not cooling / heating
  • No power
  • Noisy system
  • Bad smell
  • Poor performance

If you experience the aforementioned issues or any other issue that we have not mentioned, then it is time you request engineer call out.

We will be there to rescue your system from the verge of permanent damage with our certified engineers, fast response time, and guaranteed repair works.


Stratus Air: Air Purification System

The air you breathe outside is not the air you breathe inside. Let Stratus Air install a state-of-the-art air purification system into your business premises or home.

With a high performing air purification system, you can eliminate any and all sources of indoor air pollution, including: chemicals in products, pets and dander, outside air, and mildew.

Now you know what we can do for you; so, reach out for our entirely scalable solutions today

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